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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Has passed away ADE NAMNUNG

JAKARTA-The news of grief enveloped the art world buffoonery Indonesia. Ade Namnung comedian died this afternoon January 31, 2012, at around 11:45 pm.

Although no official statement from the family or the hospital, the news is a conversation in Blackberry Messenger (BBM).

"Has passed away Samsul Effendi / ADE NAMNUNG at 11:45 ... We are Forgiven of All Mistakes During Her Life ... We Love U Namnung Sent," wrote fuel received Legal, Tuesday (31 / 1).

Previously, Ade Namnung hospitalized in the Family Partners to Surabaya for bleeding stroke. Ade health conditions to experience healing quite rapidly. One of them he has been able to use a wheelchair in their activities.

Before he died, presenter and comedian is undergoing treatment at the Hospital Family Partners Cibubur.


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