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Friday, December 30, 2011

What is VVT-i engine?

VVT-i engine
For car users must have felt the alerts Toyota engine reliability tech-Variable Valve Tuning-Intelligent  (VVT-i). Yes, now replace the VVT-i Toyotathat has begun to be applied in 1991 at the Toyota 4A-GE engine 5 cylinders.

Machine which was first introduced in 1996 has been used in most cars of Toyota. In addition the machine is claimed to make the engine more efficient and powerful, environmentally friendly and fuel efficient. Then how the system works so as to establish a satisfactory result.

As described Wikipedia, the workings of this technology are quite simple. To calculate the time of opening and closing valve (valve timing) is optimal, the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to adjust the engine speed, intake air volume, throttles position (accelerator) and the water temperature. In order for the target valve timing is always reached, camshaft or crankshaft position sensor gives a signal in response correction.

Easily VVT-i system will continue to correct the valve timing or line out of fuel and air. Adjusted by stepping on the accelerator and expenses incurred in order to produce optimum torque at each wheel and engine load. With so will result in optimal power, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Toyota recorded a few variants are adopting technologies VVT-i like Toyota Avanza, Toyota Innova, Toyota Yaris and Toyota Vios.

by Septian Pamungkas - Okezone

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  1. Good to know all the details about such an important step like getting a car.Thanks for sharing.

  2. No doubt that VVT technology has improve the performances of Toyota vehicle. I simply love on how my car run smoothly in the road.